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May 08, 2014 at 02:01 PM

Reducing the memory footprint of Sybase ASE


Hello All,

We are doing a test install of SAP Solution Manager 7.01 on Sybase ASE 15.7.

Since this is just a test setup, we started off with a lower-than-recommended hardware configuration (4 GB RAM only) due to time constraints.

While post install performance of SolMan was decent, performance during solman_setup (setting up technical monitoring) has become appalling. We are not able to complete the configuration process at all as the SolMan configuration web application has become very unpredictable and extremely slow.

The SolMan install is centralized and on a windows 2008 box. Windows task manager shows consistent memory usage of up to 90 - 95%. We also tried reducing the total number of work processes to just 8 but that did not help much. We see in 'task manager > resource monitor' that sqlserver.exe process is committing close to 2 GB of RAM when in fact it seems to be using much lesser when seen directly in 'task manager > process tab'. Please tell us about any memory optimization we can perform for Sybase ASE in order to complete out Solman_setup. We were hoping that we could change the 'max memory'/'total logical memory' setting for the DB directly using DBACOCKPIT tcode but could not do so as the parameters seems to be read-only. We could not find much documentation regarding memory optimization for the DB. Please help out. Thanks!