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May 08, 2014 at 10:22 AM

New liveCache install/patching : Cannot connect / liveCache lock server not accessible


We are installing a new enviroment to move an SCM system to.

As part of this we are installing the new liveCache server as

and then patching it to

This is all for SAP SCM 7.0 (SCM component 701 on NW 7.02)

This seemed to go well at first but several issues where spotted during setup and now we cannot connect.

The issues were as follows:

1) Installation initially seemed to go well (with latest SPM for this version of SCM/liveCache) however at the end of installation we noticed that although we could startup liveCache from SCM (to green) SQL access was not possible.

This seemed strange as obviously SAPINST completed AOK and the liveCache started up.

2) We continued to see if we could patch the liveCache AOK but I suspect issue 1 followed through as we got these problems at the end of patching (despite the face that the liveCache initially then started up AOK from LC10 on the correct version):

Now after stopping liveCache and SAP we cannot ever restart liveCache fully - we get errors saying "liveCache lock server not accessible" from LC10 and from DBMCLI it gives no errors for "db_start", however will only get to ADMIN mode (and Database Studio will now not connect).

So it seems to me like maybe something in the initial installation caused problems. Has anyone seen this before?

Any help would be sincerely appreciated...

Thanks & Regards, Jamie Neilan