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May 08, 2014 at 10:24 AM

Re: Max loop count in routing


Hello Friends,

We need some clarification on the above issue.

We have assigned a max loop count of 3 to a rework operation. This rework operation is a special operation attached to main operations in the routing and receives SFC when it is completed in the main routing operation with an open NC.

I have cycled the SFC more than 3 times through rework. After 3 cycling, the status of SFC in the SFC report shows as being in Queue in rework. But when I try to start and complete the SFC it throws a message that "SFC xxx reached maximum number of times it can be worked at operation yyyy. Contact your supervisor".

Question is how this SFC is to be brought back to normal operation?

Also if we want to put this SFC on hold when it exceeds the max loop count then how can it be done? Do we need to assign any custom script? But this rework operation is already assigned a standard scrip for Open NC so in case of an open NC the SFC is sent to Quarantine. Is it possible to have both standard script and a custom script or we need to define a custom script that takes care of both requirements?

Would be thankful for any inputs on this.