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May 08, 2014 at 08:50 AM

pool is configured too small for current demands


Dear experts,

We are facing the following error, accompanied by slow performance and full disk utilization:

06:00000:00620:2014/05/08 00:55:56.99 server The 8K memory pool of named cache default data cache (cache id 0, cachelet id 1) is configured too small for current demands (state 1). Transaction progress may cease or response time may increase.

Case History:

This error was noticed with the standard 2K pool

We configured another 8K Pool, same error appeared for the 8K pool

Configured additional 16K pool, same error faced for the 16K pool

Removed the 16K pool

Increased the 8K pool

Error still appear for the 8K pool now and performance still very slow

No other programs are running on server except Sybase ASE

Disk utilization is monitored using "glance"

ASE version: 12.5.3

OS: HP-UX 11.23

sp_cacheconfig now:

Cache Name Status Type Config Value Run Value

---------- ------ ---- ------------ ---------

default data cache Active Default 15360.00 Mb 15360.00 Mb

IO Size Wash Size Config Size Run Size APF Percent

------- --------- ----------- -------- -----------

2 Kb 245760 Kb 0.00 Mb 13312.00 Mb 10

8 Kb 245760 Kb 2048.00 Mb 2048.00 Mb 10