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May 08, 2014 at 08:29 AM



I am getting this error when i perform sum in ALV on particular field.


Date and Time 08.05.2014 04:40:38

Short text Error at assignment: Overwritten protected field.

What happened? Error in the ABAP Application Program The current ABAP program "SAPLKKBL" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.

What can you do? Note down which actions and inputs caused the error. To process the problem further, contact you SAP system administrator. Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look at and manage termination messages, and you can also keep them for a long time.

Error analysis A new value is to be assigned to the field "<L_UNIT>", although this field is entirely or partly protected against changes. The following are protected against changes: - Character literals or numeric literals - Constants (CONSTANTS) - Parameters of the category IMPORTING REFERENCE for functions and methods - Untyped field symbols not yet assigned a field using ASSIGN - TABLES parameters if the actual parameter is protected against changes - USING reference parameters and CHANGING parameters for FORMs, if the actual parameter is protected against changes and - Accesses using field symbols if the field assigned using ASSIGN is protected (or partially protected, e.g. key components of an internal table with the type SORTED or HASHED TABLE) against changes - Accesses using references, if the field bound to the reference is protected (or partially protected) against changes - External write accesses to READ-ONLY attributes, - Content of a shared object area instance accessed using a shared lock (ATTACH_FOR_READ). Source Code Extract Line SourceCde 2975 * IF LS_FIELDCAT-NO_OUT NE 'X'. 2976 * LFLG_SHOW = 'X'. 2977 * EXIT. 2978 * ENDIF. 2979 * ENDIF. 2980 * ENDLOOP. 2981 2982 * Wenn die Einheit gleichzeitig das aktuelle 2983 * Zwischensummenkriterium ist 2984 if ls_dep_field-s_dep_fieldcat-fieldname = "INS K_SUBTOTEH 2985 rs_sort-fieldname. "INS K_SUBTOTEH 2986 * in einer Split-Zeile nie die Einheit ausgeben, 2987 * da diese in der aktuellen Zwischensumme immer 2988 * homogen sein muß und deshalb schon in der ersten 2989 * Zeile ausgegeben wurde 2990 if vflg_splitline = 'X'. "INS K_SUBTOTEH 2991 clear lflg_show. "INS K_SUBTOTEH 2992 * in der ersten Zeile immer die Einheit ausgeben, 2993 * da diese Zwischensummenkrit. ist und deshalb 2994 * auch erscheinen muß, falls keine Kennzahl diese 2995 * referenziert 2996 else. "INS K_SUBTOTEH 2997 lflg_show = 'X'. "INS K_SUBTOTEH 2998 endif. "INS K_SUBTOTEH 2999 endif. "INS K_SUBTOTEH 3000 3001 if lflg_show is initial. 3002 * assign component <ls_dep_field>-s_dep_fieldcat-fieldname 3003 assign component ls_dep_field-s_dep_fieldcat-fieldname 3004 of structure t_outtab to <l_unit>. >>>>> clear <l_unit>. 3006 endif. 3007 endloop. 3008 3009 endform. " SPLIT_LINE_CHECK 3010 *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* 3011 *& Form SUM_EXPA_SINGLE_NEW 3012 *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* 3013 * text 3014 *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 3015 * -->P_LFLG_KOMP text 3016 * -->P_L_SUBRC text 3017 *----------------------------------------------------------------------* 3018 form sum_expa_single_new using rflg_komp type c 3019 r_subrc like sy-subrc. 3020 3021 data: ls_levels type kkblo_sort_extend. 3022 data: ls_groups type kkblo_grouplevels. 3023 data: ls_groups_static type kkblo_grouplevels. 3024 data: l_subrc like sy-subrc.