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May 08, 2014 at 07:33 AM

Transaction MB1A is obsolete (SAP Note 1804812)


Hello SAP Enthusiast,

We have upgraded our Sxx (sandbox) from EHP 6 to EHP 7.After up gradation I observe that when ever I am entering at first time to transaction MB1A I got the below warning message,

Transaction MB1A is obsolete (SAP Note 1804812)

Message no. M7499

Based on the message I understand it is a warning and not an error and still I can able to proceed further on goods issue. My concern is since I have a several users in Pxx environment they will raise a ticket and ask for a permanent fix in case this warning message appears after EHP 7 up gradation.

Please let me know why in case of transaction MB1A / MB1B and MB1C I am getting this warning message and guide me how to fix this issue that is warning message should not appear in Pxx environment after up gradation.

I also gone through the SAP Note 1804812 but it says The message is issued once daily in non-production clients only that mean in Pxx system i will not get this warning message?Please confirm.

Please help me to over come this issue by providing our valuable input.


Kumar S