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Nov 22, 2005 at 10:35 AM

What kind of applications are being developed with Web Dynpro?


Being a technical forum there are of course many technical posts here. But I have been wondering lately exactly what type of applications are being developed using the technology? Are most of the applications Portal views? Are they stand-alone apps?

How would you sell this technology to a customer that is using R/3 4.6 and wants to know what this brings to the table?

The reason I am asking this if I was a customer with a 4.6 system (of which there is a huge install base), I would be asking the same question.

I love new technology but would really like to know what type of applications are being created with Web Dynpro, and why the application could not be created another way. New is not always better (unless you are a sales rep), and I know the standard arguements about rapid application deployment, codeless coding, etc, but what is REALLY being created new with this technology that adds value?

Is Web Dynpro the clear way to go for certain systems? I cannot really see for the owner of a 4.6 system why they should start to develop Web Dynpro solutions, so maybe it isn't the best solution for all platforms.

Comments appreciated.

- Tony.