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May 08, 2014 at 06:07 AM

Execution of BODS job terminated with exit code <180011> through Batch Script


Currently running on BODS 4.1 on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 64 bit.

We use BODS scheduling activity through command line batch script in our environment.

After executing batch we are getting Error <180011>

"My job terminated with exit code 180011 when calling a next job via the command line."

There is nothing in the job launcher log, nor in the server log. not anything was happened through command line execution.

However... no clue at all what is causing this.

-There is only one entry on this forum on error code 180011, but no solution.

-The BODS documentation lists error numbers up to 180010, but not 180011.

.bat file :

"%LINK_DIR%\bin\AL_RWJobLauncher.exe" "%LINK_DIR%" -w "" -C "c:\BAT_JOB\JOB_BODS_TEMP.txt"

Command file (.txt):

-PLocaleUTF8 -SXYZ -NsecEnterprise -Q"abcuser" -UAdministrator -PcXdlcnR5MTIz -s"JOB_BODS_TEMP" -t5 -T14 -LocaleGV -CtBatch -CmWIN-AST985U12FH -CaAdministrator -Cp3500

Kindly help me for the same to resolved the issue.