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May 08, 2014 at 05:03 AM

AFAB + KI235: Depreciation run don't read the Cost Center from the asset


Hi Friends. Wish any of you could clarify my concepts (asset are not my topic). Its a basic question!

Im doing help desk in the 1st period en closing of a project. When the FI team run the depreciation, have the typical CO error KI235 (

KI235 Account XXXXXX requires an assignment to a CO object)

I check all the stuff i know:

+ the Asset have a cost center assigned

+ cost center and profit center are not blocked,

+ the periods from-to are valid

+ also post manually something in FB50N to the cost center. So, i think the cost center is not the problem.

+ I also check the substitution and exits on substitutions, and they are not cleaning the cost center

+ Also activate the tcode TRACE for cost object, and found the cost center never arrived to the FI document, and also was never cleaned.

After all of the analysis, i think: This is not CO problem, this is FI problem.

In the marketplace i found 1732825 - Error KI 235 in asset accounting transaction

In point 1 (AACCOBJ) and point 6 (ACSET) say that i must have a record with Cost Center. Could you please clarify this concept? I mean, the record with the Cost Center is a Must if i want the depreciation run pick the cost center from the asset ?

I also found something similar in this post

ACSET gap on running depreciation. No Cost Cent... | SCN

I check the FI custo and the record is not there, I compared the custo with a IDES and in the IDES i see the * like this:

KOSTL Cost Center * Generic Trans. Type 02 Depreciation Run `x`

Could you please explain me the concepts related with ACSET ? and if you think this custo solve the problem?