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Former Member
May 08, 2014 at 02:30 AM

Web Application Crashes (PB 11.5 Build 3127)


Hi Everyone,

First of all, I am newbie when it comes to using PB 11.5 (so please bear with me). I would like to ask for help regarding my issue. IE browser crashes with a message like this "Unexpected error was thrown, the browser will be closed! Please report the error to the administrator. Error:'dw.gobs.computed_field1' is null or not an object." This happens every time the web application loses focus. One example scenario, user inputs data in web application then he receives a message from Yahoo! messenger or user clicks on another application like MS Word, when the user goes back to the web application it crashes with the message I mentioned above.

This application works fine in PB Client/Server but the web version does not. The application requires an excel type input and needs to auto-compute some fields (like the 'computed_field1') every time the user changes rows or columns.

The 'computed_field1' Compute Expression is currently set as 'sum (col1 for all)', all col1 have zero values after database retrieval. And the user inputs in col2, so as far as I know 'computed_field1' value should remain the same. I have used here grid and tabular as presentation styles but it is giving me the same error. There are no codes in the ItemChanged event.

Please advise for any possible solution or workarounds.

thanks in advance.