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May 07, 2014 at 03:15 PM

Create dynamically a number of Input Fields


hi all,

one issue about creating dynamically a range of Input fields:

i have one sap.ui.layout.form.FormContainer.

at first i want to have one Input field in it. if this field is filled, i want to have a new one below, which is empty, and the cursor should be set to the new field.

so i know that there is an function addContent for the formcontainer, so i can listen to the changeEvent of the Input field, if this is filled i will add a new Input field.

at first: is this a good solution or is there any recommended way from SAP?

second: if i will implement it this way, how can i read the data from this "array" of input fields?

third: how can i set focus on input field in sapui5?

thanks for help!