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May 07, 2014 at 01:25 PM

Error while executing transport in HANA's application life-cycle management


Hi everyone,

we're currently developing our HANA-based software and would like to use HANA's application life-cycle management: transporting our product from one system to another. Everything seems to be set up correctly: two different systems, correct privileges, a product comprising delivery units comprising packages as well as a transport route between the systems. However, the transport always fails with the following error (example for a transport of a single DU):

[imdbhdb][HDB][2014.05.07 15:10.01.404][TransportService][0] Transport (delta) has been started for route ID: 1020 (Deliver Unit Transport) [hanaserver][HDB][2014.05.07 15:10.08.323][Other][0] Get end export timestamp for DU name: PERSISTENCE [hanaserver][HDB][2014.05.07 15:10.08.501][Other][12] Unable to retrieve end export timestamp: ReferenceError: assignment to undeclared variable errText [imdbhdb][HDB][2014.05.07 15:10.12.402][TransportService][0] There will be 1 delivery units which will be transported. [imdbhdb][HDB][2014.05.07 15:10.12.895][TransportService][12] Failed for DU: PERSISTENCE Vendor: LO Error: HTTP request failed. Status: 500. Error: Unable to retrieve end export time stamp. [imdbhdb][HDB][2014.05.07 15:10.12.917][TransportService][12] TransportServiceError: Error occurred while performing the transport.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Thanks so much in advance,