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May 07, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Note 1915552 implementation issue



Hoping this is correct forum for Basis related questions, if not, please guide me forward to correct one...

Note provides following steps for implementation:

1. Run transaction SE54

2. In Table/View field, write : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V , choose the radio button

ABAP Dictionary. Click on Create/Change .

3. In Maintain Structure Pop-up, Click on View.

4. In Table/Join Conditions tab, write SAPFTP_SERVERS in Tables

5. Write short description: Maintenance View for SAPFTP_SERVERS table

6. Go to View Fields tab and click on Table Fields button

7. Choose all the entities: Client, FTP_SERVER_NAME, FTP_SERVER_PORT and Description, and click on Copy

8. Go to Maint. Status, Access: read,change,delete and insert, Delivery Class : C, Data Browser/Table View Maint.: Display/Maintenance Allowed

9. Activate the View.

10. Go to Transaction : SE54

11. In Table/View field, write : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V , choose the radio button

Generated Objects. Click on Create/Change .

12. In Create Maintenance Module Pop-up, Click on Yes.
13. Authorization Group :
14. Function Group : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V
15. Package : SFTP
16. Maintenance Type : One Step
17. Click on Find Scr. Number(s) --> Propose Screen Number --> OK
18. Recording Routine : Standard Recording Routine
19. Compare Flag : Automatically Adjustable
20. Click on Create (F6).
21. Click on Back (F3), activate the view. Maintenance View is created successfully.

My problem is latter part from 10) onwards that I cannot get done with these instructions. In this case Package-field is disabled and does not accept input, anohter issue, that may be consequence of earlier, is step 21. F3 does nothing, propably because of missing package...