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Jan 19, 2017 at 11:15 PM

PB 12.6 App behavior differences Simple MAPI vs. Extended MAPI


PB 12.6 Classic, Build 4121

A legacy Client/Server app has a feature whereby it generates a new (Outlook) email and fills in the Subject line, message body, and attaches a file (spreadsheet, PDF, etc.). The email Addressee is left empty for the user to complete. In all earlier versions of PB and when PB 12.6 is configured to use Simple MAPI (via the "UseSimpleMAPI=yes" entry in the PB.INI file), Outlook will display the new, not-yet-completed email and allow the user to supply the addressee(s) and review the message body before clicking the Send button.

However, when PB 12.6 uses Extended MAPI the behavior is VERY different: Outlook displays its Address Book/Addressee dialog window without displaying the email itself. When an addressee is given and the OK button on the dialog window is clicked, Outlook immediately sends the message. At no time does Outlook display the email.

Being able to examine/review the email message before it is sent is a critical feature. I can, of course, continue to use Simple MAPI, but having to include/manage a PB.INI file complicates the installation and management of the app by customers so I would prefer to use the Extended MAPI in PB 12.6.

Does anyone know of a way to coerce PB 12.6 & Extended MAPI to behave as it does with Simple MAPI?