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May 06, 2014 at 03:15 PM

Performance Issues


I am using Crystal Reports 2011 to develop report files, then using Visual Studio 2012 and the Crystal Reports for Visual Studio files to develop a web page where users can run the reports (we have installed the latest "service packs"). Recently we have run into some major performance issues and I am not sure where to even start trying to figure out what happened. I hadn't done anything with any of the files for at least a good week before we started seeing the issues. The problems we are seeing...

1) Reports are taking a long time (5 minutes) to run when they were taking less than a minute before.

2) My server/IT guy is saying that only one query is able to run at a time. If there is a report that is trying to run and another report tries to start, the second report is put on hold until the first completes. I thought the runtime files allowed 50 reports (?) to run at the same time.

3) Sometimes my reports come back with "out of memory" errors when I know that I have pulled more information before.

I realize this probably isn't an issue with Crystal Reports/Visual Studio, but I am not sure where to turn for advice on where to look. Any help would be appreciated.