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Estimating SAP PPM implementation

Dear community,

I am involved in a project evaluation for a SAP PPM 5.0 implementation.

The goal and first step is to use Resource Management from SAP PPM 5.0.

Besides all the information I am able to gather within the marketplace and SCN, I can't get a feeling what time is needed to implement PPM for the use of resource management.

So far we can estimate our time/costs for:

  • Technical installations of hardware and software
  • SAP Licences

Where we miss a feeling for the time/costs are:

  • Basis configuration following the master and configuration guides
  • Advanced customizing for project creation, project roles, tasks, etc.
  • Integrating of already customized and prepared components/applications like CATS

I would appreciate your experiences and questions-need-to-be-asked of any kind related to my request.

SAP PPM 6.0 is not an option yet, still I like to consider any pitfalls if we would upgrade to 6.0 in a later point in time.



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    May 08, 2014 at 06:51 AM

    Hello Darijo,

    Well, installing the standard PPM 5.0 is not that complicated. You basically need to activate a lot of services.

    If your company already uses SAP business partners, it should be really smooth to integrate Resource Management. You'll just have to create your company-specific roles (that's done via customizing). I assume you want to start using cProjects. Also, I recommend that only after you have a stable cProjects and Resource Mgt., you start implementing Portfolio Mgt.

    Depending on your "company-specific" requirements and the available resources (that is, SAP developers) you should try to estimate how much it takes to customize/configure and enhance the SAP standard to fit your business processes. In my case, the company wants to "reinvent" project management, so we changed a lot in the standard (project is ongoing for almost 2 years).

    CATS integration is achieved by PPM-PS integration, which is already prepared in the standard and only needs a little configuration.

    As for the 6.0 version, it is mainly designed for HANA usage and SMP (Mobile). If you don't have either of those, I suggest you skip it and go with the 5.0.

    Hope this makes things a little clear...


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    • Hello Tudor,

      thank you again for the valuable answers and comments.

      It is very interesting what the reason was in your companies case. Sounds like a very challenging project!

      Still, I am trying to figure out how much workload will result with our first implementation.

      My greatest help is indeed the recommended book you mentioned in your last comment.

      That is my main reference to everything in PPM.

      What I know so far is:

      • We will not focus on Portfolio Management yet
      • We will start with manual resource creation and assignment
      • Our strategy is to start small and extend the solution by time
      • No integration with other backend systems (no HCM, no PS) or MS Projects
      • We will consider to integrate CA-TS and link to internal orders
      • Standard config as much as possible

      My estimation so far is (following mostly the chapters in XRPM handbook and IMG):

      • Install software and basis administration by our basis team (DEV system) - 5 days
      • Basic configuration for PPM according IMG - 5 days?
      • Define and configuration of project types and structure - 5 days?
      • Advanced settings for project structure (define phase types, checklists, etc.) - 5 days?
      • Setting up document management of cProjects - 3 days
      • Setting up project roles for resource management - 3 days?
      • Setting up stand alone business partners - 3 days?
      • Setting up evaluation functions to analyze operative project data - 5 days?
      • ...what else is important?

      For sure there are some more tasks to consider - and I would appreciate to know what they would be for a basic solution with resource management.

      What workload will it cause approximately in our (small) case?

      Any comment and thoughts are welcome.