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May 06, 2014 at 08:29 AM

SPP for machinery service parts planning within single location ?



I'm seeking for general directional advices from anyone having gone thru an SPP implementation. We are currently investigating how to handle machinery service parts in one of our main production plants. ERP6.0 does have anything specific in terms of planning/forecasting etc. since such service parts are typically sporadic use and the requirement is to plan for a service level on such. We have roughly 20.000 service parts in the plant where roughly 3.000 are used within a month (can be once a month or more).

So far we have checked the SAP ERP "add*ONE INFORM" solution and it looks promising and like a all-in-one for this purpose. Now the question came whether we can use SCM-SPP for this since we do use SCM7.0 DP/SNP/GATP for a couple years now and have a certain experience in DP forecasting and SNP heuristics. We are not sure if SPP in SCM is meant for such a case like we have - we do not need to distribute service parts - we don't necessarily would need BODs etc.. But the interesting part are the predefined forecasting methods and automatic model assigment in SPP etc. in there (in comparison to APO-DP where we have to chose and set the models for each part individually).

Is there any general recommended use / non-use of SCM-SPP in a certain area or for our single plant service parts planning ?

Thanks for any advice or hint !