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Former Member
May 06, 2014 at 04:34 AM

dataupload for hiring action for multiple countries


Hi All,

We need a dataload method for uploading hire action with only 0000,0001 and 0002 infotypes.

This is part of regular support, so i cant use seperate action and infogroup as we have multiple countries.

we have a comon hire action for all the countries, hence if i create new action only for hire and with 3 infotypes i need to create many such actions for each country as screen for IT0002 is different for countries.

So far i have created 4 LSMWs for 4 diffrent countries using the same action type.

In the LSMW recording after saving 0,1 and 2 infotypes from next infotypes i did /BCK and saved the recording. THis worked well in Dev and quality systems in Production i failed.

Now i am checking what is the best method for dataload for multiple countres.

does one single BDC helps multple countries???

Please give suggestions to solve my issue.