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May 06, 2014 at 03:56 AM

SE61 - Editing Emails


Hi All,

I am editing email templates used in GRC access request as per our requirement in SE61 Tcode. A sample of email notification being used is as shown below:

I wanted to make few text as "BOLD" and few text as underlined in emails. I searched in the forum and for SAP notes, but couldn't find any help. I tried using HTML tags <B> or <U> or <BOLD> but none of them are working. Please help me with this for making texts bold or italicize or underline using correct tags.

Mail Template - Sample

<HTML><BODY><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="verdana">
GRC Access Request (ARQ) Notification.Do not reply to this email.

Dear Manager,

You are required to validate the below user access request. Kindly provide your approval or rejection via GRC.

Request Number: %REQNO%
Request Type: %REQUEST_TYPE%
User ID: %USER_ID%

Request Details: %SUBMISSION%

To approve or reject the request:

1. Click the view link at the bottom of the page to access the request
2. Login with your GRC UserID and Password.

Should you need any clarifications, please go to GRC Support Page for GRC User Guide or contact GRC Admin at XXXXXX

Thank you for your cooperation.