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May 06, 2014 at 01:09 AM

Is it possible with ALV?



I am displaying some records in ALV from a Z table, but my requirement is,

1) Provide a check box in the 1st position of each row so that user will selected ==> this is done, its in place now

2) But, the moment user selects a row by checking the check box immediatley the row should turn into editable so that user will change the data

3) But, each row has 13 fields, we should make editable only 9 fields among 13 bcz other fields are key fields

4) After chaging the data user will click a Z_SAVE button

5) Then, I need to update the Z table

Pls. let me know is it possible, if so, by chance do you know any demo/wiki/code snippet source pls.?

Thank you