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Nov 21, 2005 at 07:33 PM

setting environment varaible for trex


hi all

i've installed trex in my linux system successfully.but in installation guide it is telling that we have to do technical configuration after installation. while setting environment variables in order for trex to run.

the following steps are given for entering scripts in login file

1.logon as TREX User

2.add the following call tothe file<HOME_TREXUSR>/.profile

. <TREX_DIR> /

3.add the following code to the file <HOME_TREXUSR>/.login

source.<TREX_DIR> /TREXSetting.csh

can any body tell me which is call and which is file in the above 2and 3 pints

in the 2 and 3 points they've given <HOME_TREXUSR> and <TREX_DIR>can any body tell me wht this mean in the place of <TREX_DIR> i've to enter my dir name or complete path i.e /usr/sap/trex_08 like that