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May 05, 2014 at 11:06 AM




I did not find any documentation and search through many posts regarding of getting the data of changed (word) document in WD4A.

In our application there is the office control used to show the user the word, that is generated (template stored in MIME, used set_fields for merge fields) and the user still has the ability to change the document. This works OK.

Now I need to get the final changed document from the office control - how to achieve this? When I work with the attribute, it still holds only the original data (without the already merged fields and without user's input / changes).

1. First I thought that the whole data will be stored only inside the context attribute, that holds the word data (xstring). That in fact is probably not possible for the office control.

2. I tried calling the IF_IOS_WORDPROCESSING savedocument( ) - did not help.

3. I was trying to call the IF_IOS_WORDPROCESSING getcontent( ) method, but it returns an interface if_ios_result_binary. When I create an object of this interface, I can call GET_RESULT( ) method of it, but that one does not have any parameters (?). There are also methods from the IF_IOS_RESULT interface (GET_RESULT_GENERIC e.g.), but those do not return anything at all.

Can anybody explain me the process of getting the data from the office WYSIWYG? I have the xstring that I "inputted" to the office control via a context attribute, how to get the "output" of the office control (in the ideal world - directly as a xstring)?

Thanks in advance.