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May 05, 2014 at 10:37 AM

Issue with Member Formula across alternate hierarchies


Hi All,

We are facing an issue with ratio calculation in one of our BPC 10 NW implementations.

The formula is as follows:

[(Account 1) , (Current Product in the Nested Row Axis)]*1000 / [(Account 2), ( All Products excl. C)]

Product Dimension (PARENTH1) is as follows:


- A

- B

- C

- D

- E

To achieve All Products excluding C, we have an alternate hierarchy (PARENTH2) as follows:


- A

- B

- D

- E

So the Member Formula is as follows:


This formula however seems to behave very oddly. When used as a part of a report with various other formulas, it just comes empty. However, if I go to intersection of this formula and select 'Refresh Selected Data' it gives the correct value.

Is it because the system gets confused when 2 alternate hierarchies are used with the same formula in a nest?

Another odd sighting is that, if the Product dim member in the 1st row of the report is ALL PRODUCTS EXCL C, it gives the correct value, however all the other rows are empty which further makes me think, the system is mixing up the parents in the formula.

Has anyone else faced a similar situation?

Could someone please help us with this issue.