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May 05, 2014 at 10:12 AM

Monthly Depreciation Adjustment



I had posted a thread earlier regarding Depreciation adjustment .

I have posted accelerated depreciation for FY 2013. Now starting from FY 2014, I have run the Depreciation for all assets including the asset for which accelerated depreciation is posted.

I am trying to post a Journal Entry to reduce the depreciation charged against the asset by posting

40 (Posting Key)-----Accumulated Depreciation -----Dr

50 (Posting Key)-----Depreciation A/C -------------------Cr.

But manual entry is not affecting the asset net value which should be increased after posting this journal entry.

Also, I am trying to post Asset Write-Up through ABZU after depreciation run, but I am seeing that the system is charging additional Depreciation instead of decreasing the Depreciation amount.

Kindly suggest how to overcome this situation.