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May 05, 2014 at 05:38 AM

OBYA configuration - Stock transfer from one company to other


Dear Expats

We are unable to transfer the stock from one company to other company through company code clearing GL

One company info

Company code 2000

Controlling area 2000

Plant 2010

Profit center 2010

Second company info

Company code 9000

Controlling area 9000

Plant 9010

Profit center 9010

St. trnsp. ord.
w/o SD Order type
MM-PUR UB Movement type GI: 351 MM-IM GR: 101 Price Valuation price Planning via... Purchase order Stock after GI Stock in Transit Delivery costs yes Cross-company-code via... Company code clearing

ERROR we have received

Profit center 2010 not in controlling area 9000.

Pls. give the feedback how can we will solve the problem.


Tarek H Chy


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