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May 04, 2014 at 02:37 AM

CROSS TAB ISSUE- in WEBI- Business Objects


Hello experts..!!!

I have a issue with creating a cross tab report in Business Objects Infoview-----(WEBI) (3.1)

I want to show my report in (Cross Tab) as following

I want to show if all the Templates: --- in this case (template1, template 2....used in any CASE_ID, ) then display 'Yes' or 'No' corresponding to Template and columns on left [ cross tab--- --------------------------------------------------------------------

template-1 Template2 Template3 Template4 Template5 Case ID Request-ID State Nurse_name Yes No No Yes Yes 1234 456 NY Sarah Yes Yes No No No 1452 234 NJ Jessica No No Yes No No 4322 280 CT Debbi No No No No No 2567 158 PA Judy No No No No No 4571 367 VA Michelle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 9865 235 NC Sarah No No Yes No No

objects being used in this table: Case_ID, Request_ID,State,Nurse_name, Template.

Note: CASE_ID can have multiple template......or one template can belong to multiple CASES.

for example: CASE_ID '1234' have used Template-1,4,5) so we displaying Yes.

and CASE_ID='1452' have used template 3( displaying yes) and displaying no for all other retrieved templates)

Now what is the best way to show the above ideal table in cross tab. ( we using template columns for cross tab).

What will be variable or formula to address this issue, i tried couple of formulas , i did not work.

I would appreciate your input.