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May 03, 2014 at 04:52 AM

Strategy plan- Automatic operation selection in tasklist


Dear PM Experts,

I have a requirement in strategy plan, where the strategy plan MIX_TRUCK which has 1M, 3M, 6M & 1Yr(Heirarchy-1) time based cycles.

Now i have a tasklist CON_TRUCK, which consist of all operations which covers all time cycles (1yr, 6M, 3M&1M)

I assigned this taskist & strategy plan to maintenance plan MIX_TR.

Now currently whenever the maintenance order created from this maintenance plan MIX_TR, all the operations in the task list are selected.

But my requirement is to select some operations for 1yr, and another set of operations for 6M, and different set for 3M.

Is it possible with configurable tasklist? If not is there any other alternate method to achieve?

Your valuable suggestions are highly appreciated........