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May 02, 2014 at 07:31 PM

Paging problem with Crystal Report Viewer in VS 2013


I am attempting to upgrade a VS 2008 project that uses a dozen plus Crystal Reports to display data for our owners.

The problem that i am having is with navigating to other pages of any multiple page report using the paging buttons of the Report Viewer control. The report will load fine and display the first page. If I try and go to page two an overlay covers the screen and a progress graphic displays and will never go away. I have to stop debugging the project and restart it. I have been able to get the paging buttons to work if I click on one of the buttons that I have added to the page that run the .ShowFirstPage(), .ShowNextPage();.ShowPreviousPage(); or .ShowLastPage(); methods of the ReportViewer control. When in click on one of these buttons an error displays within the ReportViewer control that reads simply "ERROR". From there I can click on one of the button described above and the report displays and at this time the navigation buttons work as expected.

The parameters are being set via a series of asp controls and then stored in ViewState then passed to the ParameterFieldInfo of the ReportViewer control.

This all works just fine in VS 2008 project but I have not been able to resolve the paging issue since upgrading.

Does anyone have any ideas as two what may be causing this behavior?