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May 02, 2014 at 01:11 PM

Excel cell navigation functions become unresponsive in EPM Add-In


Hi All,

I'm hoping someone out there has experienced this and has some suggestions for resolution. We are using EPM Add-In for Excel 2010 (SP 14, patch 3), accessing BPC 10.0 NetWeaver. Several of our users are reporting a problem where, after running or navigating in an EPM report/template for a while, suddenly Excel's cell navigation functions become unresponsive. Meaning, they can no longer use the arrow keys to change cells. Right-clicking on a cell does nothing. They can double-click to enter a cell and type values, but pressing Enter doesn't work, they have to click to another cell. In the end, the user has to close EPM/Excel and re-start it.

The problem is that the user cannot reliably replicate this. It happens for a number of users, some much more frequently than others. It happens on a variety of machines, sometimes for the same user. Put simply, we have pretty much exhausted all of our efforts to try and figure out a way to replicate this so that we can report it to SAP and fix it, or determine a specific cause that we can do something about. It happens for all manner of reports, sometimes even just after creating a brand new simple report in EPM.

Has anyone experienced this specifically? Did you resolve it, and if so, how? Any other suggestions?

We're checking for other Add-In conflicts (like BOBJ Analysis for Excel), we've asked users not to have too many other programs running at the time. Some users say they get it, even if Excel with EPM Add-In is the only thing running.

Our users are running EPM for BPC version 14, patch level 3. I have version 17 patch 1 on my machine, and I've experienced this issue a few times with that version. I don't use EPM for building reports/templates, mainly for running Data Manager packages.


- John