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May 02, 2014 at 06:22 AM

NWDS 7.31 SP11 p2 - update issue - can not read repository


Hello Experts at SAP,

I have a brand new NWDS 7.31 Sp11 P2 installation and want to test the update (although I know its the latest version).

Firstly I found that the preconfigured upgrade path is wrong on that patch level. There is one / too much between NWDS and NW in the url.

OK i fixed that.. Now I get the error below.

Unable to read repository at

I checked certificates, etc. that's not the issue, all green when I test the url in explorer.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Don't want to reinstall manually and transfer all the stuff when an update is available (assuming the update function does that for me)