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May 01, 2014 at 09:35 PM

Agent determination best practices


Hi, workflow dev team!

Another question about workflow best practices.

I build a workflow, the first step of each workflow, at least as I see it, is to determine agents for all steps in the workflow and store it in multiline WF-container. After that, to use this WF-container data to execute a step inside of workflow.

The questions are:

1. Suppose, I filled a WF-container with a list of all possible agents and their position (in order to supply more user-friendly approve/decline notifications) for the different steps inside of this workflow (username & position). As I understand, I can access to specific line of multiline container with &AGENTS[&INDEX&]& inside of EXPRESSION field (not via ABAP-code in method of class), but how can I access specific column of the WF-container? E.g. &AGENTS[1]& will return «USJOHN — Junior Manager», is it possible to retrieve username and position from multi line and pass it to the task as two separate container elements?

2. Is it possible to query specific line of multiline container element according to some logical condition inside of EXPRESSION field (not via ABAP-code in method of class) or in order to do this I have to implement that logic inside of ABAP class method?

And the last question, probably, less connected to the questions asked above.

3. If I need to define agents for the task, what is the best approach to do that:

— define the task as General Task and insert the relevant agents as multiline container element via EXPRESSION field;

— to play with Agent Assignment (try to implement agent determination logic there) and not to define the task as general one.