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May 01, 2014 at 09:00 PM

Can you pls clarify my doubt regarding Search String in EBS.


Header 1 House Bank Account Id BAI Code Current Rule New Rule 1729 W1729 169 If text found ZA05 else ZAOG If text found ZA05 else ZAO7

Hello Friends - Can you pls help me out on this. I have above shown requirement to configure. After that, The Current rule should continue to work and New rule should be applicable to only some of the House Banks.

1. After I got this, I have checked in Search string definition (and also table - TPAMA) to see how Search string is defined - If text found ZA05 else ZAOG.

However, I do not see any rule defined here in OTPM. If not here, from where that rule is getting derived.

Can you pls tell me if it is set up through any Exit.

2. Can you pls give me a little idea how to achieve this requirement.

After Search String is defined, We can assign only one Search string to House Bank, Account.

Is it possible to assign 2 Search Strings to House Bank and Account Id?