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May 01, 2014 at 08:37 PM

Use SLT to transfer to non-HANA target


@Tobias Koebler, is it possible to use SLT to replicate SAP source tables to a non-HANA target while still using HANA as a target? This would have to be a multi-usage to both HANA and OtherDB.

The only information I can find is this post SLT to non HANA database | SAP HANA, with some workaround info, but that is based on an older DMIS_2011 release.

When I look in a system at DMIS_2011 SP5 I can clearly see these options, but during configuration setup I cannot select these targets. Is this a placeholder for a future release or maybe I am missing some trick to enable? Is this enabled by 'REPL_ENABLE_OTHER_TARGET' in table DMC_RT_PARAMS?