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May 01, 2014 at 05:45 PM

Bex Report to show only latest record on report and then history


Hello Gurus,

Table 1:

Employee Valid From Valid To Hours Perday 1900 01/01/2014 02/28/2014 8 1900 03/01/2014 03/31/2014 6 1900 04/01/2014 12/31/9999 4

Table 2:

I have above in DSO, On report I need to show the latest record without Valid From and Valid To Fields shown below.

Employee Hours Perday 1900 4

And when user drags Valid From and Valid To field from free charac. it should show history as in DSO. I have leveraged 0VALIDTO customer exit processing variable with variable as "Value Ranges" >= Key Date so when query is executed if date entered is 04/01/2014 it should bring last record with Hours perday=4 and if date is entered as 03/01/2014 should bring two records with hours per day 6 and 4 and so on.

The problem on report is that the record being pulled is always latest but when Valid To and Valid From free characteristics are dragged on the report it still shows the latest record and no history. Is there a way that when key date is entered it should show latest record as per >= of that key date and when Valid from is dragged in to report it should display history prior to that key date?