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May 01, 2014 at 02:49 PM

SAOP messages missing in ECC



We have a production issue, there are multiple sender systems and ECC is recipient system. We have soap receiver channel for ECC. This interface was working fine for long time however starting last Friday not all the messages are reaching to ECC. They are all successful in PI (absolutely no errors in communication channel, RWB, component monitor is good, cache is ok)

We did cache refresh which did not help, we have 7.31 and we were using 7.11 adapter in Communication channel so SAP recommended to change it to 7.31 which solved the problem for few hours and again started.

We are on PI 7.31 SP6 Patch 33, SAP recommended it to go on Patch 55. We are not positive that this will resolve the issue because it was working earlier.

We have also checked ECC performance and there are no issues, used XPI inspector but did not find anything. The message volume in PI is also not changed.

Please advice.