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May 01, 2014 at 02:26 PM

PO7.31 and BPM: Using Operation Mapping within BPM


Hello everyone!

I am facing an issue while trying the import/execute an Operation Mapping within a BPM. Have a PO 7.31SP07 installation (NWDS also on 7.31 SP07), and the process already have some working interface calls to PI, however still having issue while trying to execute the Operation Mapping:

1. After deploying the process, going to NWA -> SOA tab -> Application and Scenario Communication -> Application Communication -> select the process -> check the "localhost"/WS group for "Local System". The "Processing State" shows the error below:

Configuration for service group [localhost] failed. Error details:

[No endpoints found. Check if the service is configured and if its

endpoints are available in the . Service:


Assigned Provider: [Local System]

Service Group: [localhost]

Service Group application: [fusionconsultoria/salesord]

Service Reference application: [fusionconsultoria/salesord]


2. During runtime, when trying to execute the OM automated step, on log viewer:

Error during SCA Processing


Could not process message for operation om_SalesOrderSplit_Service in

web service plugin module.




Caused by:

Configuration not found for application:


Please check the configuration details from the NWA. You may have not

assigned the Service Group to a Provider System, or the generation of

the configuration has failed.

3. Carried out the steps from the referenced links below. They are quite similar to each other, however still facing the issue:

Reuse PI Operation Mapping as a service in SAP NetWeaver BPM

Using Operation Mappings (PI) in a BPM Process - Process Orchestration - SAP Library

Using NetWeaver PI’s Mapping in NetWeaver BPM

- Marked as "local provider" and WS;

4. Tried deleting, creating the automated step aswell reimporting the Operation Mapping.

5. Already reviewed the input/output mapping of the automated activity;

6. On ESR, the mapping works correctly.

7. Tried changing the outbound and inbound Service interfaces for the OM from stateless to stateless XI3.0, as well from synchronous to asynchronous.

At this moment I've completely ran out of ideas. Appreciate if anyone could give any insights, since I am running out of time with this project!

Thanks in advance to all and

Best regards,

Lucas Santos