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May 01, 2014 at 07:53 AM

Destination creation problem in Cloud Environment



I am having a problem with the creation of a destination ( - Import from File method.

The destination I am creating has a password that looks like this: 0!8)^(mH3p*V2>p

When I used this destination I got a 401 error from the server I was trying to connect to.

This doesn't happen on a local server (SDK 1.51.16), and when I edit the destination -> password the issue is fixed.

I am guessing that the special characters used in this password falls under some escaping rules that were changes in the Import from File feature.

This file was used to create a destination in the past (multiple times) without any problems - so this is a new bug.

How can I create a bug for this?

Do I need to add escaping characters to my password?


-Eran Bergman