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Apr 30, 2014 at 02:50 PM

SAP HANA Log partition IOPS requirements


I noticed that many of the new SAP HANA certified platforms, based on the Ivy Bridge v2 CPU (SAP Certified Appliance Hardware for SAP HANA ), are not exclusively using the Nand Flash Cards or SSD Arrays for the logging partition. (Some are using it but not all) Has something changed within SAP HANA since the initial round of hardware certifications? The first generation of servers used Fusion IO cards or SSD arrays on almost every standalone HANA configuration. The scaleout builds were a mix NAS, SAN or GPFS but all fast storage arrays. I had the impression that high speed storage was required on the logging partition to accommodate faster data loading. If this is no longer the case, due to code change, it would be nice to know why or how.