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Apr 30, 2014 at 01:35 PM

Screen Areas in Equipment


Good day to you all. I believe you are all well.

I need some help here. I am involved in an implementation project where we 've already defined 5 equipment categories. Business do not want too many categories in the system.

However, we have a technical object type (Relay equipment) that requires data on Protection settings to be maintained. Relay has been categorized among other technical object types as Machines. Now, we cant use same view profile common to the category : Machines to define the additional view required to maintain the protection settings Relay equipment. The ideal solution would be to use a new category but business don't want additional category.

My question is, can we control screen areas with the combination of Category and Object type? Such that when creating equipment Relay, once the Object type (Relay) is entered it should give a different view from the normal views of the equipment category just as available in Fleet.

Your response would be very much appreciated.