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Nov 21, 2005 at 10:41 AM

Formula Variable error.


Hi All,

We have valuation price(0PRICE_VAL) as attribue of Material evaluation(MATBEW).

i need to have a calculated kefigure which is equal to Quantity(in PC)*Valtuation price.

so i have created one formula variable.After creating calculated KF as Quantity*valuation price,when i go for syntax check in the query definition,its showing error as " <i>Number variable BWPRS should be replaced from the selections for characteristic MATBEW. However, these are not the same for all formula components, or the selection is not available in the terms.

<i>Another possibility is that the variable cannot be consistently replaced by "from" or "to"</i>

<i>Here BWPRS is foamula variable.What could be the error?pl help me.</i>


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Message was edited by: cmd