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Apr 30, 2014 at 12:08 PM

How to Viewing all Resent messages selecting a list of messages using advanced selection criteria


Hi have two questions both belong to same category so combined into one Please answer separately i really appreciate your time and the communites help.

I am using Single stack 7.31, Scenario ECC-->PI-->JMS(WMS)

1) A message got failed in PI mapping (mapping issue) while resending that message from messsage monitoring it goes through ESR and gets successfully posted in WMS.....

my Question is: "Is it possible to view every single message that has been resent from message minitoring(the number of time it has been resent not important) i know we can see by looking at the start time and end time difference.....but i want to see the complete list of everything resent???

2)We have a functionality User Defined Criteria in message monitoring, suppose i am filtering on the basis of idoc numbers, in a real time scenario where i have a list of some 100+ idoc numbers messages that failed in WMS(not in PI i.e status is successfull) i need to filter based on idoc number and resend them....can i filter a large list of idoc numbers not can i import or filter based on a long list??