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Apr 30, 2014 at 01:10 AM

Scheduling an XS job that calls SQLScript


Hi experts,

I recently upgraded to SPS07 and would like to use new XS job scheduling feature. I'm looking at tutorial in latest HANA Developer Guide and it says I can call either Javascript file or SQLScript however the tutorial only shows the Javascript example. For example I want to call a depricated SQLScript procedure so I'm not clear on the syntax after reading the tutorial. The guide suggests the following for Javascript;


"description": "Read stock value",

"action": "yahoo:yahoo.xsjs::readStock",

"schedules": [


"description": "Read current stock value",

"xscron": "* * * * * * 59",

"parameter": {

"stock": "SAP.DE"





How would I change this to call my SQLScript procedure if, for example, my procedure was located in a package like this;