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Apr 29, 2014 at 01:05 PM

Filtering in case of mxn relationship in BPC Input Form


Hi all,

I have COST_CENTER in the context bar and COST_ELEMENT in the rows.ACCOUNT_TYPE is a property of COST_CENTER and NUMBER is a property of COST_ELEMENT referring the first 3 numbers of COST_ELEMENT.

In addition, COST_ELEMENT has account types,too (like cost center) but 1 cost element may have more then 1 account type. For example 730xxxxxx has 3 account types( 1 , 2 ,3 ) plz see the table below.. So ACCOUNT_TYPE can not be a property of COST_ELEMENT.

Lets say the user selects CostCenterA and the ACCOUNT_TYPE of CostCenterA is 2. Then what I want is to go the table above and find the COST_ELEMENTS having ACCOUNT_TYPE 2 ( in this case 730,740) then filter the COST_ELEMENTS in rows having the property of NUMBER as 730 and 740.

I tried a combination of epmcontextmember,dimensionproperty and dimensionoverride but failed.