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Apr 29, 2014 at 12:38 PM

Checking The Running Jobs inside from another Job in NW Java Scheduler


Hi Experts,

I have written one java class which will split the file in a certain location. I have scheduled this Java class to be executed by a Job in NW scheduler.

My question is , is it possible to check if there are any instance of a particular Job definition is running inside from another job?

For e.g - lets say I have created one Job Definition and scheduled a Task which should execute in every 5 minutes.
Now let us assume each job can take 15 minutes to complete, so when Job1 will start it will start splitting the file and after 5 minutes the Job2 will start.
So is there a way to check from Job2 if Job1 is completed? or any instance of the same Job definition is running in the Scheduler?

Your help is much appreciated!


Sugata B