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Apr 29, 2014 at 11:51 AM

Error Max no of items in FI reached during CJ88


Hi All, We are getting a similar error as above in cj88 error no F5727. The number of Fixed Assets defined in Level 1 WBS is 964. This is less than 999 so dont understand why this issue is coming. I find two other discussions in this forum: First we can use another secondary WBS to post all the cost which is not possible here as we define all fixed assets only in level 1 wbs Second we found the note 36353 is this going to help? Third we can settle cost to one single WBS only rather than all these and then transfer cost or distribute to all FXA through Asset posting. But this is also not possible as how to change the settlement rule now. All these line items are already used in previous period 12/2014 and there are no unsettled balances of previous period. Then how to remove this error? Can anybody suggest.