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Apr 29, 2014 at 09:01 AM

Wrong Error message for Availability Control in FM (BCS)


Hello Gurus,

I have configured a FM area (BCS) and assigned it to all the company codes as required. There is only one tolerance profile with only warning Message. When I am posting some FI documents I am getting the error message (Message No. FMAVC005) for one of the Company code 01 and for rest I am getting warning message as configured. I am now confused why the error message is coming only for one company code and rest of the company codes are behaving correctly as per the configuration.

Also for more information I have activated the FM in the running system and I did post some Budget document in company code 01 after configuration but it did not actual got updated in the system.Then I ran a program RGZZGLUX and RFFMRC04 after which system started posting the budget documents in all the company codes.

Also I ran the transaction FMAVCREINIT twice but nothing is happening and I am still getting the error message instead of warning. I also try to deactivate the FM in that company code and post some transaction and then again activate the FM but still same error.

Please let me know can there be any reason why system is behaving like this.


Rohit Goel