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Apr 29, 2014 at 07:56 AM

Leave request Error in ESS


Hi Experts,

Greetings !!

One of our user is facing a weird issue while he is trying to apply for a leave through ESS.

He is applying for a leave for absence type ABC for which he is having enough quota, an error message is coming while he is submitting the leave as below:

"No absence quota type 1/01/20 on 17.06.2014" - This error is of absence type XYZ,

More information about this issue:

- Employee has enough quota for which he is trying to apply for leave

- The error message which is showing as error (absence type XYZ 1/01/20) is a different absence type and this absence type is delimited on 31.12.2010.

- Though the leave type is delimited, it is coming as error message for only one employee while he is applying for leave of a different absence type.

Can some one help me providing solution how to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.