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Former Member
Apr 28, 2014 at 11:17 AM

Creation of a PCR for calculation of LTA


Hi Experts,

I have an India Payroll requirement where i need to write a PCR with the below conditions:

1) The Employees would be eligible for the LTA from the very first month of their Service as per below conditions:

a) All active employees in a given month are eligible for LTA for that given month.

b) All employees joining the Organization on or before 15th of the month are eligible for LTA of that particular month.

c) All employees leaving the Organization on or after 15th of a particular month are eligible for LTA of that particular month.

2) Calculation:

Latest Basic Salary in the month of March *No of months worked in a particular financial year(step2)*LTA Percentage

For this i would need a wage type which i can use as a counter for the entire financial year.So what model wage types i can use to create a counter wage type which would get stored in CRT and can be used as a factor at the end of the financial year to calculate LTA.

Thanks & Regards,

Punam Jha