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Nov 19, 2005 at 01:51 PM

lo cockpit delta-full load-early delta initi


Hi everybody,

i have this doubt- and kindly correct me by reading the full --plz.

if i am extracting for the first time --and i have decided to do delta after the first load. is this the sequence

<b>direct delta</b>

1. If i can close down the postings on my r/3 server.

during init r full load (direct delta as update method.)

first do <b>full load</b>- then do <b>delta initi without</b> <b>data transfer</b>- then do <b>delta</b> from .there on

2. if i can't close down the r/3 server for postings during init r full load.

first do <b>full load</b>- <b>then do early delta initi without data transfer</b>-then do delta as usual.

<b>Queued delta and unserialized v3</b>

1. If we have <b>queued delta and unserialized v3</b> update method then no need for early delta initi becoz postings r saved in update tables r extraction queue when we r initi r doing full load we can do delta initi .

sorry for a long question. but plz i am getting the concept right i hope u guys can understand.

thanks and regards.