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Nov 19, 2005 at 01:47 PM

Server and Dispatcher fail to start + Error 10054



We have installed the J2EE WAS 640 Preview and are unable to get the J2EE server running.

When we start the server, the dispatcher and server fail to start, and repeatedly retry to start without success.

When I go to the Console, it seems that MAX DB(HP) is running (Blue).

The first server icon (HP0) is green with the message server and enqueue server running. However when I look at Syslog within HP0, it shows multiple occurances of the Error: SAP Basis System: Operating System call recv failed (error no. 10054).

The second server icon (HP1) is yellow. It shows within the Process List that jcontrol.exe is Yellow with a Status of "Some processes are running" and igswd.exe is Green and running.

Within the Process Table, I can see Dispatcher and Server either stopped or trying to start, while SDM is running.

I have right-clicked on dispatcher to see the developer trace which shows it repeatedly trying to restart but encountering the following error:

[Thr 9144] Sat Nov 19 23:04:13 2005

[Thr 9144] *** ERROR => Invalid property value [box.number/J2EJC00hp] [jstartxx.c 789]

[Thr 9144] *** ERROR => Invalid property value [] [jstartxx.c 789]

Can anyone suggest what might be the problem?

Many thanks